Another Sick Day? #Chicago’s Plan

Employees stay home sick for a variety of reasons — stomach flu, migraines, lack of sleep, depression, colds, allergies, and plain old stress.  The only thing worse than having your employees absent due to illness is having sick employees hanging around everyone else.

There are the typical preventative measures we can take to avoid catching or spreading the latest flu bug and cold virus, like washing hands, coughing into a sleeve, and keeping community objects cleaned on a regular basis.  But some of our ailments might be even better addressed through consistent exercise and nutrition — something most of us know, but few of us are able to do.

Well, if #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his way, “We are going to be PeaceFitnessbithe first city to … implement a citywide wellness plan for our employees…”  Emanuel knows that the private sector has embraced employee wellness “whole hog”, and he would like the public sector to grab hold of the same hog in order to manage lifestyle diseases and curtail rising healthcare costs.

What do you think?  Is workplace wellness a concern at your job?  How do you fit in your own wellness — or is that still something you need to add to your To-Do list?

You can bring wellness to YOUR company with Peaceout Fitness Corporate Yoga.  Fitness, stress-relief, and nutrition coaching just steps away from your office that might just save your business, your job, or even your life.

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