Any Body Can Do Yoga

Broken Leg?

Pulled muscle? Sore shoulder? Back Pain?   You don’t have to wait until you are healed to practice yoga.  In fact, yoga might be just the thing your body needs to help it heal and become stronger than ever.  However, it is super important that your yoga practice be designed with modifications for your injury and with purposeful sequences that address your physical and emotional needs.  Most people become impatient and frustrated when they are dealing with an injury, which pushes us to do too much too soon way too often!  A Therapeutic Yoga session should help to combat that frustration as well as bring healing to the injury itself.

This is why investing in Private Yoga Classes with a teacher who can listen to YOU and help YOU is so important.  I often work with individuals to help them create a personal practice for healing, or to help them learn modifications for their favorite yoga class at the gym.    Following up a yoga class with Reiki can increase the healing by opening energy channels in order to let the integration of yoga, mind, and body benefit you the most.

Still wary?   Take a look at this wonderful, complete yoga session despite a fractured femur.

Now, email me, and let’s start planning YOUR path to healing!

~Peace Out