PiYo — for strength, balance, and flexibility

PiYo is a new fitness program that combines yoga, pilates, and cardio to help sculpt your body into its most fit and lean form.  For a limited time, you can order the PiYo Challenge Pack for a savings of $70! Time to put away those excuses, and get ready to LOVE your workout!

Time to Breathe

Have you ever used this expression: “I barely have time to breathe!”   Well, try being a Middle School Student these days — especially one who wants to get good grades, play sports or an instrument (or both) and get along with friends, family, and teachers.  They are shoved from one important activity to another and the most common message they hear throughout the day is “Hurry Up!”  Hurry and get to class.  Hurry and sit…   Continue

Hey Baby!

I’m so excited about the new little baby that has entered the world this week.  While I am very happy for the royal family, I am actually referring to one of my good friends who has delivered her second beautiful and healthy baby boy yesterday.  I was able to visit Mom and Baby today and both of them look radiant, healthy, and happy. I thought about all the care this new Mom has given to…   Continue

It’s About Time

Do you have enough time to do the things you need to take care of yourself?  Most of us know we need to exercise and eat well, but when deadlines are looming or schedules are hectic it’s easy to fall into an unhealthy routine or lethargy, stress, and convenience food. NO MORE!   With FOCUS T25 you can fit an intense 25 Minute workout into your day and feed your body  with 5 minute, 5 ingredient…   Continue