It’s About Time

Do you have enough time to do the things you need to take care of yourself?  Most of us know we need to exercise and eat well, but when deadlines are looming or schedules are hectic it’s easy to fall into an unhealthy routine or lethargy, stress, and convenience food. NO MORE!   With FOCUS T25 you can fit an intense 25 Minute workout into your day and feed your body  with 5 minute, 5 ingredient…   Continue

Your Kind of Yoga — Guaranteed!

Yoga For You™ Personalized Yoga without the time and expense, to address your specific physical or emotional needs. Have you ever gone to a yoga class because your lower back has been hurting, or your Achilles Tendon is giving you some trouble, or stress is causing you to have migraines, and you’ve been told that maybe yoga can help with that? It’s true, Yoga can help with many physical and emotional issues that we have,…   Continue

Yoga in Schools

YES! According to a recent ruling in a case in Encinitas, CA, students in 9 district schools may continue to experience the benefits of yoga, despite the opposition of one set of parents who believed yoga to be in conflict with separation of church and state.  They were also concerned that its teaching were against the teachings of the Bible (which sounds pretty religious-based to me). Fortunately, their request to disallow yoga in the classroom…   Continue

Time Management

24 Hours I don’t have enough TIME to workout.  I don’t have enough TIME to stretch.  I don’t have enough TIME to prepare healthy meals. Does anyone else struggle with that elusive, intangible, tap-tap-tapping thing called TIME?  It is one of the primary excuses we use to explain why things we know we should do, don’t get done.  I say excuse because it is.  Time doesn’t swoop in and block our way, or immobilize us,…   Continue

Yoga Tip #5: Balance

Vriksasana   There is no greater metaphor for my life, than the many balance poses in yoga. Whether balancing on one foot in Tree Pose, or in tilted side-arm balance, or the ever-elusive crow pose, I am forced to drop all of the external issues floating around in my mind and bring 100% of my attention to this moment — this steady or unsteady moment. Balance poses force me to practice patience with myself.  I…   Continue

Yoga Tip #4: Cat Pose

Marjaryasan, or Cat Pose, is a wonderful pose to wake up the spine, stretch the upper back, and strengthen the core. Try this pose as part of your morning routine and you will enter the day feeling graceful as a feline! Begin by coming onto your hands and knees, making sure that shoulders line up over your hands, and hips are in line with your knees.Inhale and lift the trunk of your body up and…   Continue

Yoga for Kids as an Intervention?

One question many people ask me in reference to Yoga in the Classroom is “Are the benefits of yoga significant enough to bring yoga into a classroom?”  I think what they mean is, Sure, Yoga would be great for kids, but is it really WORTH IT? As a middle school teacher myself, I know first-hand the issues that schools and students face that are addressed, eased, and even resolved through yoga practice. In fact, our…   Continue