Running Tip #1: Pace It Out

It’s Spring!    Let’s go for a run! Spring is a great time to start a running program.  The birds are chirping, the air is fresh and the sun feels soooo good. There are so many reasons to jump on the running train, but I know from experience that it can also be a little overwhelming or frustrating at times.  So let’s address some of those issues first. New  runners often  can struggle with PACE.  This means…   Continue

Yoga Tip #2 Get Down, Dog!

Adho Mukha Svanasana… …0therwise known as “Down Dog”, is one of the most quintessential yoga poses, and is incorporated in other athletic flexibility training as well.  Down Dog is a great full-body stretch, and helps build upper body strength.  This pose feels great after you’ve been sitting for a while or after a tough workout.  Take a moment to try this pose, with special attention to a few specific areas, and feel your body come alive! Start your down-dog by…   Continue

Good People

Stress Load

There has certainly been an increase in the amount of attention given to Employee Wellness programs lately, much of it centered on the amount of stress everyone is experiencing.  But I think it’s a good idea to explore the truth behind all this stress talk before you or your HR department jump on this bandwagon.  Is employee wellness  just another fad meant to pad the pockets of quick talking quacks? Or does the health and…   Continue


Post Workout Snack Did you get a good workout in today?  Maybe a long run, a circuit workout at the gym, or a hot yoga class?  Refueling after all that exercise is just as important as the workout itself for several reasons. You need to replace your glycogen stores so you have energy for the rest of your day, and for the next workout that comes your way. You need to repair muscle damage so…   Continue

#Yoga Tip 1: Forward Fold

Uttanasana Standing Forward Fold, or uttanasana, as you might hear it called in a yoga class, is a basic movement that helps relax the hamstrings, release the lower back and calm the mind.  Despite its simplicity, it can also put strain on all of those areas if not approached gently.  Here’s how to keep your back and hamstrings comfortable and safe in one of the most common transition movements in yoga. Click here to learn more about Yoga…   Continue

Another Sick Day? #Chicago’s Plan

Employees stay home sick for a variety of reasons — stomach flu, migraines, lack of sleep, depression, colds, allergies, and plain old stress.  The only thing worse than having your employees absent due to illness is having sick employees hanging around everyone else. There are the typical preventative measures we can take to avoid catching or spreading the latest flu bug and cold virus, like washing hands, coughing into a sleeve, and keeping community objects…   Continue