Yoga Tip #4: Cat Pose

Marjaryasan, or Cat Pose, is a wonderful pose to wake up the spine, stretch the upper back, and strengthen the core. Try this pose as part of your morning routine and you will enter the day feeling graceful as a feline! Begin by coming onto your hands and knees, making sure that shoulders line up over your hands, and hips are in line with your knees.Inhale and lift the trunk of your body up and…   Continue

Yoga for Kids as an Intervention?

One question many people ask me in reference to Yoga in the Classroom is “Are the benefits of yoga significant enough to bring yoga into a classroom?”¬† I think what they mean is, Sure, Yoga would be great for kids, but is it really WORTH IT? As a middle school teacher myself, I know first-hand the issues that schools and students face that are addressed, eased, and even resolved through yoga practice. In fact, our…   Continue

Good Form = Good Results

Get the best results and avoid injury by using good form — which means paying attention to alignment, following the instructors cues, and checking your own form in a mirror.¬† Each time you workout or step on to your yoga mat, you have a chance to make strong but subtle changes in your form that will lead to big changes in your body. Here’s how! To make sure you are practicing in the safest, most…   Continue