Detention or Yoga?

Mindful Moments Yoga as a Behavior Plan for All Students    One question many people ask me in reference to  teaching Yoga in the classroom is “Are the benefits of yoga significant enough to bring them into a classroom?”  I think what they mean is, Sure, Yoga would be great for kids, but is it really WORTH IT? As a middle school teacher myself, I know first-hand the issues that schools and students face that are addressed,…   Continue

What is Trauma-Sensitive Yoga?

What is Trauma-Sensitive Yoga? I have always known that yoga was both physically and emotionally transformational, regardless of which of the two gets you hooked in the first place.  But recent research and studies have concluded that yoga is also highly effective in helping to heal the effects of trauma, primarily because of the mindful nature of yoga and the physical attention to those areas of the body that are storing (affected by) trauma. Sometimes…   Continue

Mindful Moments? Who’s got time for that?

Mindful Moments? Who’s got time for that? This is the quite lengthy email I sent out to the teachers at my school today.  It’s an awful time of year to get bombarded with long emails, but I sent it anyway (note the caveat). A lot of people did read my ramblings, and I am so appreciative!  I also heard several great ideas for next school year. Imagine what we can come up with if we bring…   Continue

Summer Wellness

Whether it’s a long weekend, a week away, or a month abroad, summertime means a change of scenery, a change of routine, and a break from the stress and frustration of our daily grind.  Sometimes the grind is so great that we really do feel we are about to break under the pressure.  Sometimes the grind is just part of the energy that keeps us motivated to be great at our job.  Either way, changes…   Continue