Hey Baby!

I’m so excited about the new little baby that has entered the world this week.  While I am very happy for the royal family, I am actually referring to one of my good friends who has delivered her second beautiful and healthy baby boy yesterday.  I was able to visit Mom and Baby today and both of them look radiant, healthy, and happy. I thought about all the care this new Mom has given to…   Continue


Post Workout Snack Did you get a good workout in today?  Maybe a long run, a circuit workout at the gym, or a hot yoga class?  Refueling after all that exercise is just as important as the workout itself for several reasons. You need to replace your glycogen stores so you have energy for the rest of your day, and for the next workout that comes your way. You need to repair muscle damage so…   Continue

Another Sick Day? #Chicago’s Plan

Employees stay home sick for a variety of reasons — stomach flu, migraines, lack of sleep, depression, colds, allergies, and plain old stress.  The only thing worse than having your employees absent due to illness is having sick employees hanging around everyone else. There are the typical preventative measures we can take to avoid catching or spreading the latest flu bug and cold virus, like washing hands, coughing into a sleeve, and keeping community objects…   Continue

Green and Gold

#Green cabbage, green apples,  green broccoli, yellow raisins, yellow slivered almonds, yellow miso, a lime, and a tangerine. This is one of my favorite salads to make.  It is filling, it can be made in bulk, and it tastes better the longer it marinates.  Of course, as with most salads, adding other ingredients that you like or have on hand makes it that much more delicious! I start with about 1/3 of a large head…   Continue