Time Management

24 Hours I don’t have enough TIME to workout.  I don’t have enough TIME to stretch.  I don’t have enough TIME to prepare healthy meals. Does anyone else struggle with that elusive, intangible, tap-tap-tapping thing called TIME?  It is one of the primary excuses we use to explain why things we know we should do, don’t get done.  I say excuse because it is.  Time doesn’t swoop in and block our way, or immobilize us,…   Continue

Athletic Training

People start a fitness program for many different reasons, but many times it is an attempt to look better.  And once that occurs, we realize that looking better actually means we are stronger and better able to participate in sports and other athletic activities, which brings a whole new meaning to our workouts. If you are ready to train your body to be athletically balanced, to trigger multiple muscle responses in one exercise, then take…   Continue

Yoga Tip #3: Lunge

Anjaneyasana If you spend any time in the gym, or doing strength exercises for your legs, you have no doubt done a few lunges.  The many variations of lunges are indeed great muscle-toning moves, but they are also an excellent way for runners to get a deep stretch in their hip flexors, quads, and front core.  And just like in the gym, when practicing lunges in yoga, there are many variations, leading to an open,…   Continue

Any Body Can Do Yoga

Broken Leg? Pulled muscle? Sore shoulder? Back Pain?   You don’t have to wait until you are healed to practice yoga.  In fact, yoga might be just the thing your body needs to help it heal and become stronger than ever.  However, it is super important that your yoga practice be designed with modifications for your injury and with purposeful sequences that address your physical and emotional needs.  Most people become impatient and frustrated when they…   Continue

Running Tip #1: Pace It Out

It’s Spring!    Let’s go for a run! Spring is a great time to start a running program.  The birds are chirping, the air is fresh and the sun feels soooo good. There are so many reasons to jump on the running train, but I know from experience that it can also be a little overwhelming or frustrating at times.  So let’s address some of those issues first. New  runners often  can struggle with PACE.  This means…   Continue

Ever Feel Like This?

Cross Training

  Cross Training provides multiple benefits for athletes, as most of us know.  Runners are especially in need of a balanced cross-training program due to the repetitive nature of the sport.  Strides and arm swings, over and over, day after day, mile after mile, make for great specificity of training, but can also lead to injury or burn out. So what’s your choice when it comes to Cross Training?  Well, it depends on what your…   Continue