Detention or Yoga?

Mindful Moments Yoga as a Behavior Plan for All Students    One question many people ask me in reference to  teaching Yoga in the classroom is “Are the benefits of yoga significant enough to bring them into a classroom?”  I think what they mean is, Sure, Yoga would be great for kids, but is it really WORTH IT? As a middle school teacher myself, I know first-hand the issues that schools and students face that are addressed,…   Continue

What is Trauma-Sensitive Yoga?

What is Trauma-Sensitive Yoga? I have always known that yoga was both physically and emotionally transformational, regardless of which of the two gets you hooked in the first place.  But recent research and studies have concluded that yoga is also highly effective in helping to heal the effects of trauma, primarily because of the mindful nature of yoga and the physical attention to those areas of the body that are storing (affected by) trauma. Sometimes…   Continue

Time to Breathe

Have you ever used this expression: “I barely have time to breathe!”   Well, try being a Middle School Student these days — especially one who wants to get good grades, play sports or an instrument (or both) and get along with friends, family, and teachers.  They are shoved from one important activity to another and the most common message they hear throughout the day is “Hurry Up!”  Hurry and get to class.  Hurry and sit…   Continue

Your Kind of Yoga — Guaranteed!

Yoga For You™ Personalized Yoga without the time and expense, to address your specific physical or emotional needs. Have you ever gone to a yoga class because your lower back has been hurting, or your Achilles Tendon is giving you some trouble, or stress is causing you to have migraines, and you’ve been told that maybe yoga can help with that? It’s true, Yoga can help with many physical and emotional issues that we have,…   Continue