Hey Baby!

Newborn_Nursery_2 I’m so excited about the new little baby that has entered the world this week.  While I am very happy for the royal family, I am actually referring to one of my good friends who has delivered her second beautiful and healthy baby boy yesterday.  I was able to visit Mom and Baby today and both of them look radiant, healthy, and happy.

I thought about all the care this new Mom has given to her baby even before he was born, through her own relaxed attention to her nutrition, hydration, movement, stress, posture, and the support and love of her family and friends.  What a wonderful new life she is giving to her son!

I notice that many new moms are overwhelmed and stressed about caring for their new babies, and the amount of advice they are given can be both conflicting and confusing.  What’s a new mom to do?

Well, when it comes to nutrition, you know where I stand.  SHAKEOLOGY is still the very best nutrition you can feed your body, which is why it surprises me that people ask if they can breastfeed while drinking it.  I am not a doctor, and certainly a new mom should address any questions or unusual reactions with her own doctor.  But the experts on Shakeology, Darin Olien and Isabelle Daikeler, express their opinions in this video.  Especially pertinent is Darin’s call to bring awareness to ALL of the foods we give our body.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  You might even like to try a 30 DAY Money-back-guarantee trial month of Shakeology.  See what it can do for YOU!