Get Fit and Stay Fit With Team Beachbody

Being fit means having the ability to participate and excel in sports, play with the kids, function well at work, and keep the aches and pains of aging at bay.  It means spending more time LIVING LIFE and less time FIGHTING DISEASE.

There are many ways to incorporate general strength training, cardio, and sports training into your life without the huge costs and inconveniences of joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer.  Some of our favorites are P90X, TurboFire, and Insanity -- but there are many more to choose from in order to find the PERFECT program for your unique and individual needs.

Getting Started

If you have just decided to make fitness a priority of yours, then you may be a little overwhelmed or confused about just what to do and how to do it.  So let's break it down into a few easy-to-put-into-action steps!

  1. Start moving more.  Walk further. Take the stairs -- twice.  Stand up. Reach up. Play.
  2. Sweat more. Get some regular heart-pounding, rapid-breathing, sweat inducing cardio going for 10, then 20, then 30 or more minutes a day.  Some options are: brisk walking; rapid biking; or a well-developed and balanced in-home program like Slim in 6 or Hip Hop Abs
  3. Lift more.  Tighten your core, your glutes, your thighs when you are waiting in line or watching tv.  Carry bags of groceries or gallons of water back and forth.  Buy some 5 lb and 8 lb weights or a strength band and put them to use the right way by following Power 90 or Chalene Extreme
  4. Eat more (of the healthy stuff!)  It's not enough to skip the junk food.  You have to also feed your body the nutrition it needs to build muscle, burn fat, fight disease, and prolong youth.  That means fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein and a daily glass of Shakeology.
  5. Give more.  Being fit means you can play with your kids, join a park district, help someone less fortunate, and best of all, encourage others who are also starting their fitness journey.  If you are ready to lend a supportive hand, while earning some extra money, send us a message to get your FREE INFO about joining our PeaceOut Fitness Group as a Coach, regardless of your distance along the fitness path yourself.

Join my Team and start your transformation today!