It’s About Time

Do you have enough time to do the things you need to take care of yourself?  Most of us know we need to exercise and eat well, but when deadlines are looming or schedules are hectic it’s easy to fall into an unhealthy routine or lethargy, stress, and convenience food.

NO MORE!   T25_Challenge_Packs_low_res

With FOCUS T25 you can fit an intense 25 Minute workout into your day and feed your body  with 5 minute, 5 ingredient meals to get or keep you lean and healthy.

The big question is, “Does it work?”   I’m starting Week 4 and it is BRILLIANT!


Combine the Power of T25 with the Ultimate Nutrition of Shakeology in a T25 Challenge Pack and you have NO EXCUSES!  Save up to $90 through JULY 28 — and get FREE Shipping!

But you need to order NOW, because you are running out of TIME!