Living Mindfully

Many people wish they could live a more mindful life, but find it nearly impossible in today's society.  I can relate! As a single mom, I was always being pulled in multiple -- and often conflicting -- directions.  I am a middle school teacher, so I am always surrounded by noise and interruptions and kid-chaos.  For years I thought, like many of you, that Mindfulness is something that will happen when everything is calm, quiet, and stress-free.  Well, that doesn't happen often, does it?

In fact, I have learned that Mindfulness is simply a way to become aware of the things that we are taking for granted, missing out on, or would like to change.  

Mindfulness is a practice, not an accomplishment.  

Once I discovered that, I developed ways to practice mindfulness as a mother and as a teacher.  I found that my students were also eager to learn and practice secular-based mindfulness techniques, too!  So I collected and created age-appropriate activities for young teens that could be taught and practiced with little impact on a teacher's busy schedule.  I teach these practices to students, to teachers, to parents, and to individual clients to help guide them to awareness and balance in the moment.   

Why practice Mindfulness?  

There are many benefits to a regular mindfulness practice.  Here are just a few.

  • Helps Reduce Stress
  • Helps to Develop Focus
  • Helps to Resolve Conflict
  • Helps Develop Empathy
  • Helps Strengthen the Immune System
  • Helps to Increase Brain Density
  • Helps Lower Obesity
  • Helps Improve Cognitive Functioning

Let's work together to make Mindfulness a regular part of your life.  Join me for my next Mindful Moments in the Classroom training. Or schedule  a group presentation or Professional Development for your school group, parent group, or organization.  Just fill out your contact information below.