Summer Wellness

Whether it’s a long weekend, a week away, or a month abroad, summertime means a change of scenery, a change of routine, and a break from the stress and frustration of our daily grind.  Sometimes the grind is so great that we really do feel we are about to break under the pressure.  Sometimes the grind is just part of the energy that keeps us motivated to be great at our job.  Either way, changes can give us a vital re-charge.

Here are some tips to keep us healthy while enjoying the pleasures of our summertime fun.

  1. For many of us, summer fun might include indulging in ice cream, frosty drinks, and all sorts of bbq delicacies.  No worries — if you remember to keep a nice balance of treats and nutrition.  If you tend to gobble up treats that are not part of your typical meal, try to portion out a small amount — then walk away between bites.  Visit with friends, toss the softball around, or kick back in a lounge chair with a good book.  After the first few bites you may even forget about it!
  2. Start each meal with a large bowl of fruits and/ or veggies. And cook up some healthy alternatives to high-calorie favorites.  Filling up on nutrition first makes it less likely you’ll over do it with the desserts later on.
  3. You know this, but I’ll remind you anyway — drink lots and lots of water.  Not only do you need more H2O when the temps rise, but you’ll keep your tummy fuller and the high-calorie drinks to a minimum if you go back and forth between the two.  If you need something more substantial, try a thick Chocolate Shakeology.  It’s the healthiest meal of the day, disguised as your favorite milkshake!
  4. Get out there and play!  Summer is a time for long walks on the beach, lazy games of croquet, or sweaty bursts on the tennis court.  Don’t just sit next to the water — dive in!  Feel the resistance of the waves, the buoyancy as you float. Play whiffle ball with the kids, or go running along a park trail.  You’ll keep your energy up, burn calories, and sleep like a baby!
  5. Plan your meals (and your treats) along with portion sizes. Need help?  Try this:   21 Day Fix Challenge  This 3 week program will give you a daily plan of 30 minutes of exercise, 1 superfood nutrition shake, and 8 portion containers to help you figure out just how much to eat each day.  I call it the Lazy Way to Get in Shape. Save up to $60 by ordering the Challenge Pack this JUNE 2016.

Hope all your dreams for summertime come true!