Yoga Tip #2 Get Down, Dog!

Adho Mukha Svanasana… …0therwise known as “Down Dog”, is one of the most quintessential yoga poses, and is incorporated in other athletic flexibility training as well.  Down Dog is a great full-body stretch, and helps build upper body strength.  This pose feels great after you’ve been sitting for a while or after a tough workout.  Take a moment to try this pose, with special attention to a few specific areas, and feel your body come alive! Start your down-dog by…   Continue

Yoga in the Office: Does it Work?

Seems like corporate America is catching up to what we yogis have known all along.  Yoga is good for EVERY part of our lives — and that includes our work. From Fortune 500 CEOs to small local storefronts, some of the smartest minds in business are relying on the benefits of yoga, meditation, fitness coaching, and wellness programs to ensure the health of their employees as well as the health and prosperity of their companies. …   Continue