Time Management

24 Hours

I don’t have enough TIME to workout.  I don’t have enough TIME to stretch.  I don’t have enough TIME to prepare healthy meals.

I need more TIME!!
I need more TIME!!

Does anyone else struggle with that elusive, intangible, tap-tap-tapping thing called TIME?  It is one of the primary excuses we use to explain why things we know we should do, don’t get done.  I say excuse because it is.  Time doesn’t swoop in and block our way, or immobilize us, or demand extra attention, or steal our money or health or energy.  TIME doesn’t do that, but the way we spend our time might affect our health, finances, feelings, and family.  And what that means, is that the CHOICES we make determine if we have enough TIME in our life.

Of course you have enough time.  You have a lifetime, just like the rest of us.  We break that into segments of years, days, and minutes, but all added up, it’s just ONE lifetime.  You KNOW this stuff.  You KNOW that time spent earning money will not matter when you are lying in a hospital bed.  You KNOW that time spent with your family is more important than time spent stuck in traffic.  And that time spent walking, running, lifting is more essential than time spent watching TV or surfing the WEB.  You KNOW this; I KNOW this; but do we change anything?

Listen, we will indeed make the time for our priorities.  So if you are “too tired” after work to go to yoga, or go for a walk or lift the weights, then your choices started before you got home and continue once you lay down on the couch.  Yep, it’s a tough pill to swallow, but at that moment or for that day, your priority is NOT family, health, fitness.  Even though you KNOW it should be.  So start be acknowledging the fact, instead of EXCUSING it.

Then, work around it.  Fool your mind and body into feeding your priorities despite your lack of time — despite your lousy job, long commute, or lack of energy.  DESPITE those things, you are in fact a person with positive priorities and you just need to grab onto those priorities once again.


Start with a 10 minute yoga routine first thing in the morning, as you enter your home after work, and/or before bed.  10 MINUTES of easy stretches, calm breathing, tension releasing twists.  Feels good even thinking about it, right?

Need to get serious about working out?  Try some intense bursts of exercise.  Sprints, stair-climbing, and plyometrics are great for that.  If you are like me, you might just be guessing about how much and how long to do those activities.  So I rely on 60 – 90 day programs that have been completely planned by expert fitness professionals.  I know that I can see big changes in 2-3 months of commitment to a plan, so I just get out the calendar, put on the blinders, and dig into it each day.

Right now, I am super excited to have found a 25 MINUTE workout program — 5-6 days a week, 3 phases, huge variety, and INTENSE exercise.  By intense I mean that this is designed to get your heart pumping — regardless of your fitness.  I’m gonna be a sweaty mess!


If you are looking for a way to fit some serious exercise into a half hour of your day, send me an email and I will add you to my FB Fitness Support Group  I have a July group ready to go within a week — or you can get ready to start with our August group.

If you’ve been thinking “It’s time to do something” about your health, guess what? It’s TIME to do something!

Let’s do it together!