Your Kind of Yoga — Guaranteed!

Yoga For You™

Personalized Yoga without the time and expense, to address your specific physical or emotional needs.

Have you ever gone to a yoga class because your lower back has been hurting, or your Achilles Tendon is giving you some trouble, or stress is causing you to have migraines, and you’ve been told that maybe yoga can help with that?

Do I have to do THAT?

It’s true, Yoga can help with many physical and emotional issues that we have, and having a regular yoga practice can be just the cure your body and soul are looking for.

But a yoga class, meant for a generic population may or may not help you specifically.  And if you have an injury or limitation you are dealing with, it may be even more difficult to find the benefit you crave.

This is why many people invest in a private yoga teacher who will develop and instruct a practice with your needs in mind.  However, private classes, while incredibly beneficial, can often be costly and therefore many people can not afford the instruction they need.

Yoga For You™  helps you afford the unique instruction of Private Yoga Lessons without the consistent cost typically involved with Private Yoga.

How does it work?

  1. Schedule a FREE 45 minute PRIVATE CONSULTATION either in person, or via Skype if outside the Chicago area to meet and discuss your specific needs.
  2. Upon mutual agreement, schedule a 90 minute PRIVATE YOGA CLASS designed to your needs, in person or via Skype.  This class will introduce you to the specific sequence of poses and modifications that your mind and body require.
  3. Receive a PERSONALIZED video of this Yoga Class for you to own and use for your PRIVATE use as often as you need. (copyright laws apply)
  4. One follow-up CONSULTATION within 30 days to make any modifications.
  5. All for the cost of LESS than two Private Classes!
  6. As you progress or your needs change, you qualify for additional Yoga For You classes at a discounted cost as a Lifetime Member.

I can do this!